The Silver Marches

The Glimmerwood

Death & Cultist

After a wonderful meal prepared by Rugor & Araleun, the party ventures forward deeper into the woods. While following the woodcutters path further north. The come across a large sheer size it is as large as 4 wolves together..and just as strong. Ready for a fight Rugor steps forth in battle putting himself in the front defending his weaker allies as they take aim and try to hit at a distance. A few spells hit as well as some arrows..the beast is on it’s last breath as arrows are flying by Rugor as he pushes it a last effort for survival the Dire wolf..pushes back it’s strength overcoming Rugor as it bites his head clean off…at that moment Regnier expends the last energy he has and knocks the beat down with magic darts.

Wagrim & Araleun take the time to bury Rugor nearby. While even with the distaste of dwarfs Regnier takes a token of Moradin off the dwarf to remember him. As he did save his skin on one occasion.

Wounded and with one member down. They decide to return to Quaervarr, Wagrim & Araleun go to the inn in search of another adventurer to help them in their task while Regnier looks around for a Alchemist.. as they are short a healer of sorts he hopes to get his hands on some form of healing potion.

At the Inn they are suggested to have a chat with the large dragonborn in the corner. Nearly 3 times as tall as the gnome and a few heads above the Half-Elf. Wagrim takes a liking to him as this thing looks a tad scary he hopes that his enemies will see this as well.

Having cleared some of the dangers of the woods..following tracks they arrive at the temple of Selune. Two men stand there speaking of being turned..with some clever planing they quickly eliminate the guards. Gaining access to the lower part of the temple. Araleun’s curiosity takes the best of him as he awakens one of the armored guardians.


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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