The Silver Marches

The Beginning

Silverymoon & Quaervarr

The Adventure Begins

In the magical town of Silverymoon, Araleun Fayermoon, Rugor Ungart & Regnier Leimhart are sharing a table in one of the busy taverns of Silverymoon. In comes a particular looking gnome who goes by the name of Wargrim.

With no where to sit. Wargrim joins this particular looking group. With a few drinks and the casual chit chat, the new group join together and set off towards Quaervarr with rumours of possible adventure.

The Road to Quaervarr

With two days of travel ahead of them, the wilds awaiting… In between the usual Dwarf & Elven bickering the adventurers encounter 2 orcs asking for payment to move forward..agreeing to no such thing the orcs are quickly dealt with. With no further encounters along the road. The new found party arrives in Quaervarr in the evening..looking for a place to rest they walk in to the fabulous Whistling Stag. Having trouble to swallow the very high price per night as no luxury is too much for this renowned Inn, Wagrim deducts the fee off his promised payment.

Meanwhile Regnier “makes a new friend” with the inkeeper gaining information on nearby relics of the past in the woods nearby. Shortly after Regnier is kicked out and banned from the Inn and forced to sleep outside.

Wagrim goes off to attend his business in town, when returning to the Whistling Stag later in the evening he finds Rugor and Arelun well lubricated in the inn’s common room and suggest that they take up the offer to become woodcutters.

Early the next morning rejoined by Regnier they head off towards the wood camp..and learn of the people of the black blood messing with the woodcuters..heavily hindering Quaervarr’s economy… once again Regnier quickly makes a friend out of James Pyley. And they venture out in the woods. While scouting Araleun runs into a small group of wolves who seem to be “nibbling” on a dead woodcutter.


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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