The Silver Marches

Selune's Temple


As the party is hurting a bit due to Araleun Fayermoon curiosity. Before looking around some more, the party decides to leave the temple and rest a bit before they spring another trap.

After the rest

As the party returns to the temple with the cover of the night..they find a few more guards replacing the previous ones and now they seem to have trained wolves with them. Wargrim & Araleun carefully sneak to create an ambush. Quickly taking one of the wolves out while Araleun comes face to face with one.

Back Inside

After clearing the guards and wolves above..the party carefully make their way back down below. Wargrim cautiously inspects the doors and flooring for any potential traps…as he should since with his keen gnomish eyes they avoided springin the second Armored Guard. (Though just before encountering a swarm of rats..Wargrim did managed to hit himself in the nuts as he unsheathed his rapier, but that is another story)

As they opened the door to the inner chamber..they saw a gathering of humans..chanting as a werewolf recently slaughtered what looks like a young woman as not much quickly as they had a look at the room weapons drawn the battle begins..Krev Sora the Dragonborn great weapon fighter quickly goes down as a few cultist encircle him. Quickly reigner magically puts the rest of them to sleep..not before Wargrim gets bitten by the Werewolf..finally with the help of magic and silver they slay the beast!
Mark of the People of the Black Blood


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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