The Silver Marches

No more howls in the Night

Once the Werewolf defeated..they find the other main were bearing the mark of black blood..and that underneath Selunes temple..a shrine to Malar was made..strange that such a thing would appear so close to Quaervarr. Looking around they find a makeshift alchemist lab. With 3 potions looking like those of there is a mass of shemulantro gathered.

Gathering anything else of value..they return to the Whistling Stag to rest. (Those still permited to enter) Quickly falling asleep as the past evening in the woods was not a proper rest. And am certain Wargrim & Araleun make use of a warm bath and perhaps some company. Not much was heard from the Dragon’s bedchambers that night. Once awake they are once again welcomed with a feast of a breakfast. While they eat Tomas Quickleaf (the Inkeeper) brings a package to the party…..


“interesting!?” Says Araleun with an overwhelming bit of curiosity, but is able to restrain himself from touching or inquiring within the package. He takes discretion instead in an attempt to learn form his mistakes in the past and wait for a few of his colleague’s decision in how to approach or handle this “gift.”

No more howls in the Night
Morgentaler Morgentaler

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