The Silver Marches

Farewell & Hello to new companions

As Araleun observe the package. Wargrim shreds it open as it if it was the fest of the moon or something. He ignores the note and looks and takes grasps of the silver short sword and nearly breaks the potions..Araleun finds the note that came with the package. Reigneir wishes the party the best of luck and curses the adventuring life as he saw death to closely..nearly losing a second party member while dealing with the werewolf and it’s cultist.

Luckly the White Stag being the finest inn in the north has a constant flow of adventurers. Tomas points them in the direction of a curious pedler he wishes to be rid of as quickly as possible and a quiet wizard that he doens’t know much about.

Wagrim approachs the peddlers table and attempts to rob him to get his attention. The peddler catches Wargrim, quickly araleun jumps in and offers to buy the peddler a drink. And learns that he is a cleric of Waukeen. Having lost their last holy man to a Dire Wolf they welcome him and get his attention with a few gold coins and treasure and promise to feed the man who presents himself as Paz donkey.

Afterwards Araleun goes to seek out the cloaked fellow..and offers him drink and company. This tiefling is quiet..but accepts the drink..and while he shares a table..he spends his time observing the party rather than partaking in the conversation more than he needs to.

As they continue talking..Wargrim wanders off..and comes back with knowledge of Elven ruins to the north of Quaervarr.. As ruins may also contain long lost treasures the party heads off. Walking into the forest once again..except for Paz who prefers ridding his donkey.


Morgentaler Morgentaler

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