The Silver Marches

Farewell & Hello to new companions

As Araleun observe the package. Wargrim shreds it open as it if it was the fest of the moon or something. He ignores the note and looks and takes grasps of the silver short sword and nearly breaks the potions..Araleun finds the note that came with the package. Reigneir wishes the party the best of luck and curses the adventuring life as he saw death to closely..nearly losing a second party member while dealing with the werewolf and it’s cultist.

Luckly the White Stag being the finest inn in the north has a constant flow of adventurers. Tomas points them in the direction of a curious pedler he wishes to be rid of as quickly as possible and a quiet wizard that he doens’t know much about.

Wagrim approachs the peddlers table and attempts to rob him to get his attention. The peddler catches Wargrim, quickly araleun jumps in and offers to buy the peddler a drink. And learns that he is a cleric of Waukeen. Having lost their last holy man to a Dire Wolf they welcome him and get his attention with a few gold coins and treasure and promise to feed the man who presents himself as Paz donkey.

Afterwards Araleun goes to seek out the cloaked fellow..and offers him drink and company. This tiefling is quiet..but accepts the drink..and while he shares a table..he spends his time observing the party rather than partaking in the conversation more than he needs to.

As they continue talking..Wargrim wanders off..and comes back with knowledge of Elven ruins to the north of Quaervarr.. As ruins may also contain long lost treasures the party heads off. Walking into the forest once again..except for Paz who prefers ridding his donkey.

No more howls in the Night

Once the Werewolf defeated..they find the other main were bearing the mark of black blood..and that underneath Selunes temple..a shrine to Malar was made..strange that such a thing would appear so close to Quaervarr. Looking around they find a makeshift alchemist lab. With 3 potions looking like those of there is a mass of shemulantro gathered.

Gathering anything else of value..they return to the Whistling Stag to rest. (Those still permited to enter) Quickly falling asleep as the past evening in the woods was not a proper rest. And am certain Wargrim & Araleun make use of a warm bath and perhaps some company. Not much was heard from the Dragon’s bedchambers that night. Once awake they are once again welcomed with a feast of a breakfast. While they eat Tomas Quickleaf (the Inkeeper) brings a package to the party…..

Selune's Temple


As the party is hurting a bit due to Araleun Fayermoon curiosity. Before looking around some more, the party decides to leave the temple and rest a bit before they spring another trap.

After the rest

As the party returns to the temple with the cover of the night..they find a few more guards replacing the previous ones and now they seem to have trained wolves with them. Wargrim & Araleun carefully sneak to create an ambush. Quickly taking one of the wolves out while Araleun comes face to face with one.

Back Inside

After clearing the guards and wolves above..the party carefully make their way back down below. Wargrim cautiously inspects the doors and flooring for any potential traps…as he should since with his keen gnomish eyes they avoided springin the second Armored Guard. (Though just before encountering a swarm of rats..Wargrim did managed to hit himself in the nuts as he unsheathed his rapier, but that is another story)

As they opened the door to the inner chamber..they saw a gathering of humans..chanting as a werewolf recently slaughtered what looks like a young woman as not much quickly as they had a look at the room weapons drawn the battle begins..Krev Sora the Dragonborn great weapon fighter quickly goes down as a few cultist encircle him. Quickly reigner magically puts the rest of them to sleep..not before Wargrim gets bitten by the Werewolf..finally with the help of magic and silver they slay the beast!
Mark of the People of the Black Blood

The Glimmerwood
Death & Cultist

After a wonderful meal prepared by Rugor & Araleun, the party ventures forward deeper into the woods. While following the woodcutters path further north. The come across a large sheer size it is as large as 4 wolves together..and just as strong. Ready for a fight Rugor steps forth in battle putting himself in the front defending his weaker allies as they take aim and try to hit at a distance. A few spells hit as well as some arrows..the beast is on it’s last breath as arrows are flying by Rugor as he pushes it a last effort for survival the Dire wolf..pushes back it’s strength overcoming Rugor as it bites his head clean off…at that moment Regnier expends the last energy he has and knocks the beat down with magic darts.

Wagrim & Araleun take the time to bury Rugor nearby. While even with the distaste of dwarfs Regnier takes a token of Moradin off the dwarf to remember him. As he did save his skin on one occasion.

Wounded and with one member down. They decide to return to Quaervarr, Wagrim & Araleun go to the inn in search of another adventurer to help them in their task while Regnier looks around for a Alchemist.. as they are short a healer of sorts he hopes to get his hands on some form of healing potion.

At the Inn they are suggested to have a chat with the large dragonborn in the corner. Nearly 3 times as tall as the gnome and a few heads above the Half-Elf. Wagrim takes a liking to him as this thing looks a tad scary he hopes that his enemies will see this as well.

Having cleared some of the dangers of the woods..following tracks they arrive at the temple of Selune. Two men stand there speaking of being turned..with some clever planing they quickly eliminate the guards. Gaining access to the lower part of the temple. Araleun’s curiosity takes the best of him as he awakens one of the armored guardians.

The Beginning
Silverymoon & Quaervarr
The Adventure Begins

In the magical town of Silverymoon, Araleun Fayermoon, Rugor Ungart & Regnier Leimhart are sharing a table in one of the busy taverns of Silverymoon. In comes a particular looking gnome who goes by the name of Wargrim.

With no where to sit. Wargrim joins this particular looking group. With a few drinks and the casual chit chat, the new group join together and set off towards Quaervarr with rumours of possible adventure.

The Road to Quaervarr

With two days of travel ahead of them, the wilds awaiting… In between the usual Dwarf & Elven bickering the adventurers encounter 2 orcs asking for payment to move forward..agreeing to no such thing the orcs are quickly dealt with. With no further encounters along the road. The new found party arrives in Quaervarr in the evening..looking for a place to rest they walk in to the fabulous Whistling Stag. Having trouble to swallow the very high price per night as no luxury is too much for this renowned Inn, Wagrim deducts the fee off his promised payment.

Meanwhile Regnier “makes a new friend” with the inkeeper gaining information on nearby relics of the past in the woods nearby. Shortly after Regnier is kicked out and banned from the Inn and forced to sleep outside.

Wagrim goes off to attend his business in town, when returning to the Whistling Stag later in the evening he finds Rugor and Arelun well lubricated in the inn’s common room and suggest that they take up the offer to become woodcutters.

Early the next morning rejoined by Regnier they head off towards the wood camp..and learn of the people of the black blood messing with the woodcuters..heavily hindering Quaervarr’s economy… once again Regnier quickly makes a friend out of James Pyley. And they venture out in the woods. While scouting Araleun runs into a small group of wolves who seem to be “nibbling” on a dead woodcutter.


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